Belimo Energy Valve™ Now Solves Low Delta T Leveraging IoT

The new Energy Valve is now an IoT device utilizing advanced cloud-based analytics to leverage captured system data to the full potential providing savings and the most efficient operation. The Energy Valve is a pressure independent valve, which measures and manages coil energy by using an embedded electronic flow meter, along with supply and return water temperature sensors. One valve with so many benefits:

  • Patented Power Control and Delta T Manager logic built-in monitor coil performance and optimize the available energy of the coil by maintaining the Delta T
  • Glycol monitoring an exclusive feature ensuring glycol content meets design needs to provide optimum efficiency and safe operation.
  • Cloud analytics provide recommended delta T and flow setpoints which can be updated remotely. Accessing and analyzing data reduces field labor both time and money through better system efficiency.
  • Dynamic coil performance illustrates the operation of the coil in real time accurately providing transparency of power degradation and other operational issues.
  • Most expansive communication platform on the market including Cloud, BACnet MSTP and BACnet IP, Modbus, RTU and TCP/, Belimo MP-Bus, and one analog feedback signal for valve flow, power, temperature or position providing expanded system integration and BMS control.


The Energy Valve is ideal for water-side control of heating and cooling systems for AHUs and any water coil (equal percentage: heating/cooling application) with programmable maximum flow settings from 1.65 - 713 GPM in valve body size ½” to 6”.