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Belimo offers many products that offer enhance energy savings. Download this app and learn firsthand the advantages of the Energy Valve – which solves Low Delta T, 6-Way Valve – one valve that controls heating and cooling, ZIP Economizer – Fast way to Reliable Energy Savings, Retrofit Solutions – replacement solutions saving you time, labor and energy.

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From design to delivery, many hands with one intention – your complete satisfaction with energy savings within your building.

Each product Belimo builds reflects our passion for excellence. We’ve earned the place of market leader by valuing ingenuity and craftsmanship – by never resting on our accomplishments. Very simply, we strive to build damper actuators and control valves that solve your comfort needs, perform flawlessly and earn your trust through a long and productive life.

Belimo delivers more than just products. We set ourselves to the highest standards in the HVAC industry offering innovative, efficient and energy-optimizing solutions that bring success to both our customers and ourselves.

Foward thinking.

Developers of high quality products are faced with two options: to declare themselves satisfied with what has already been achieved or to improve performance. Belimo’s large investment in R&D is made to continually bring value to our customers and our business.

We set ourselves to the highest standards in respect to comfort and energy savings. We define added value for customers and the environment as a triad made up of uncompromising quality, long service life, comfort and energy efficiency.

Redesigned the gearbox providing you compact, economical actuators.

Our gear wheels have been given a completely new, non-linear geometry. This unconventional design is effective; the motors become smaller and the actuator provides break-away torque precisely WHERE it is needed. This means that you are getting smaller actuators with even greater ease of handling and and more efficient control.

Detect the holding force dynamically to save energy.

Our patented motor control is equipped with dynamic holding force detection. This means that only exactly the required current is used to keep the dampers or valves in their position. This results in lower energy consumption of the actuator by as much as 70% compared to other competitor  offerings.


Reduced energy consumption.

The electronicfail-safe actuators integrate super cap technology with our non-linear gear wheel geometry to provide reliable operationand selectable fail-safe positioning  during power interruptions to control the damper into a defined power-off position. Super capacitors supply sufficient power to bridge power interruptions for up to 10 seconds and moves the dampers or valves accurately into the predefined fail-safe or power-off position avoiding an extreme open or
close position.

The fail-safe position can be set 0-100% in 10% increments providing the user a wide range of power-off positions. Power consumption is significantly reduced in standby and hold mode by a patented function; offering further energy savings.

Leak-proof valves eliminate circulation losses and achieve system efficiency.

If valves do not close completely tight, heating or cooling energy disappears in the pipe on a continuous basis. Belimo compact, tight closing characterized control valves prevent such circulation losses – even with high differential pressures.

This results in energy savings on a permanent basis throughout the entire service life.

Continuous optimization of comfort and energy with stored quantified system data.

Energy Valve provides clear understanding of the coil state and allows operators more effective solutions to monitor hydronic effectiveness, schedule maintenance, and optimize heat transfer of the coil.

Plant operators can use this system transparence to deploy advanced control strategies and make energy savings decisions.Energy Valve  saves pumping energy by using precise electronic pressure independent control and eliminating coil overflow with patented Delta T Manager™ functions.


Innovations in Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Safety Solutions.