High Temperature Characterized Control Valves (HTCCV)

The Belimo HTCCV marries known technology with an innovative development – the unique fluid dynamical designed characterizing disc. The marriage of HTCCV and MFT technologies has produced a range of valuable features which surpass the capabilities of globe valves at a very attractive price level.

  • Fluid dynamically designed elongated characterizing disc reduces turbulent flow and improves efficiency of the system.
  • Maintenance free – no repacking required after being in service for an extended period of time.
  • Dezincificated brass body to ensure the mechanical strength and integrity of the valve in a critical steam application.


The HTCCV meets the challenges of space restricted applications, such as unit ventilations and fan coil units. With its sturdy construction and specially designed disc, it is the perfect solution for a steam control valve with supply pressures of 15 psig or less.