Our focus is on our customers’ success. We are committed to customer oriented thinking and acting, expert advice, high availability of inventory, reliable order processing, and accommodating behavior. We work as a team.

We understand our customers’ wishes, needs and challenges. We define and measure the quality of our services and the extent to which they exceed our customers’ expectations. Customers recognize clear added-value in our services compared with those of our competitors.

We speak our customers’ language and our organization has a presence in the most important markets.


We help our customers by offering efficient and secure solutions providing more comfort, ease of installation, and maintenance. We are continually investing in innovation so that we can develop superior solutions.


We want effective and secure processes.We are constantly enhancing our processes by regularly checking the way we work. All employees are encouraged to suggest improvements.

We learn from our mistakes by looking into the causes in detail and taking systematic steps to improve. We strive towards cost-effective production. Thanks to customizing, we aim to efficiently fulfill as many individual customer requirements as possible.


In our dealings with customers, staff, shareholders, business partners, and society; we are helpful, honest and fair, open and tolerant, trustworthy and respectful. This allows us to achieve a high level of credibility.

We encourage our staff and care about their well-being. We favor a participative management style and an open, objective and friendly communication style. Constructive criticism is welcome. We value interested, enthusiastic and dedicated employees who act in a customeroriented manner. We promote and reward teamwork.