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Supporting Healthcare Facility Professionals

Complying with ASHRAE Guidelines for IAQ

One of the largest segments of the United States economy is the health care sector (17% of U.S.GDP). Based on the Department of Energy (DOE) data, an average hospital uses 2.5 times the amount of energy versus other commercial buildings and up to $5 billion annually in energy usage. Health care facilities have a high exposure risk of health, fire, and safety hazards. Healthcare facilities typically operate 24/7 and experience repeated maintenance, inspection, and recertification. HVAC systems’ operation is a critical requirement for facilities to maintain adequate safe indoor air quality (IAQ). The ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force developed guidance to help facility managers improve indoor air quality to slow the transmission of viruses via the HVAC system.

Belimo has reviewed the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force recommendations and developed a checklist to evaluate the operation of field devices’. Non-functioning devices can be retrofitted to meet the indoor air quality requirements of the ASHRAE reopening guidelines.

Influence of Indoor Air Quality

We spend approximately 90% of our time indoors and breathe roughly 3200 gallons of air a day. Therefore it's essential to understand and control common indoor pollutants. Belimo shares insights into the effects of indoor humidity, VOC, and central air systems and provides valuable insight.

HVAC Success Stories Around the World

Belimo HVAC solutions are installed around the world. By valuing ingenuity and craftsmanship and never resting on our accomplishments, we build and deliver the best quality damper actuators, control valves, and sensor solutions that solve comfort and energy challenges, perform flawlessly and earn your trust through a long and productive life. Discover more successes