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Moving Towards Building IoT
With Innovative Products

A Fresh Approach to Building IoT (BIoT)

Connectivity has always been a key feature of our products. With Belimo's IoT-ready products, our customers can:

  • connect field devices to common building automation communication­ protocols and in parallel to modern Building IoT platforms;
  • enjoy the power of a connected digital ecosystem;
  • take full control of their data;
  • implement effective optimization and energy-saving strategies in buildings;
  • reduce installation and maintenance costs.

Providing even better products with the right digital connection is our focus now and in the future.

Our IoT Product Range

Belimo IoT Ecosystem

The ecosystem of Belimo IoT devices enables flexible system integration through all common building automation communication­ protocols ­(BACnet, Modbus,­Belimo ­MP-Bus) and BIoT platforms. ­Even ­with­ conventional control through analogic positioning signals, the bus communication ­can ­be ­used ­for monitoring­ and ­override. 

Meanwhile, with the help of the additional IoT connection, buildings can be more easily optimized, managed­, and­ maintained. Our customers can connect to, monitor, and control their devices at no extra cost – this connectivity is simply an integral part of our IoT products. Optimization in ­the ­Belimo ­IoT ecosystem fully exploits­ the ­energy ­potential and provides the recommended settings­ for efficient ­operation to improve system performance and stability.­

We Have Principles You Can Trust

Our credibility as a focused and committed field device supplier is key. We understand that an open and seamless integration of our devices into our customers' solutions is crucial. These principles are reflected throughout our IoT product lines. Our customers own the data from their devices and can freely analyze, use, and even delete that information as they wish. This is why we provide an open Client-API to any user or entity authorized by the customer.

Here are our IoT principles:

  • 1. Business Model
  • 2. Market Leader
  • 3. Data
  • 4. Client API
1. Business Model

 "Belimo’s business is that of a device manufacturer."

2. Market Leader

"Belimo is committed to establishing itself as the leader in IoT-enabled field devices even though the timing of widespread IoT adoption is difficult to predict."

3. Data

"Data captured by Belimo devices is valuable. Making that data easily accessible to authorized users is the primary focus of Belimo’s IoT-strategy."

4. Client API

"To access the customer device data Belimo provides an open API to any user or entity authorized by the device-owner."

  • 5. Empowering with Digital Services
  • 6. Zero Cost
  • 7. Security
  • 8. Privacy
5. Empowering with Digital Services

"Applications developed by Belimo are focused on those which serve to simplify planning, device commissioning and maintenance, making System Integrators and OEMs more effective and allowing them to provide a unique offer to their customers."

6. Zero Cost

"Access to the Belimo Client-API is provided free of charge to any user or entity authorized by the device-owner."

7. Security

"Keeping customer data safe and secure is top priority for Belimo. Our IoT-connected products are designed using IT industry standard security protocols and are regularly audited."

8. Privacy

"Maintaining the privacy of customer’s data is important to Belimo. Only parties authorized by the deviceowner can access the customer data of a device. Belimo is allowed to use the data for internal usage, such as statistics for future product offering improvements."

A True Digital Partnership

Our IoT devices are good "team players" in a building management system or a modern BIoT solution. The all-important connection characteristics embedded into each product have been designed with their specific application in mind, for measuring, remote control, and maintenance. What differentiates our devices is their integral IoT ecosystem that effectively connects the virtual digital world with the real world.

Learn More About Cloud Commissioning From Joe

The most time-consuming phase of installation is commissioning trying to convince numerous devices from different manufacturers to work in harmony. Cloud commissioning opens up new possibilities for fast configuration and commissioning, as well as post-installation troubleshooting and monitoring.

Join the Growing Belimo Developer Community

Ready to start developing your new application?

The Belimo Developer Space allows you to develop your application by visualizing and optimizing all of your Belimo devices in position, simulating service and maintenance as you would in a real building, and sharing this detail with colleagues and third parties.

Security & Privacy

Building IoT connectivity makes our HVAC systems smarter, but critical performance data needs to be safe and secure. That’s why the Belimo IoT Ecosystem protects cloud data, ensures the device communication via secure connections and the proper management of user access rights.

Another key IoT challenge is data privacy – namely, who controls the data and who sees it. Belimo stores all system data in a secure repository in which only the authorized user has access to their data. This account also provides access to a user-friendly and customizable web application interface.

IoT Ecosystem Architecture

The Belimo IoT Ecosystem guarantees maximum reliability and efficiency for connected Belimo devices and their applications on the internet. Secured connections enable data transfer and accessibility to and from the core cloud, device data, and account management. Every produced device is known in the cloud. This fact combined with https secured connections makes communication safe. Belimo knows different cloud connectivity types on its products. Permanent Ethernet or temporary Smartphone NFC connections are currently in use.

3rd Party Applications

A powerful and secure client Application Programming Interface (API) allows 3rd parties to develop their own services, the so-called "3rd Party Application". The client API provides cloud account management and read/write access to the owned devices as well as their state and historical data. The API documentation and access tokens are available for Belimo approved developers. Visit the Belimo Developer Space.

Connectivity Types

Belimo's IoT devices have several connection possibilities to the Belimo IoT Ecosystem. The permanent Ethernet connection enables the device to have permanent data exchange and the instant remote access from and to the IoT ecosystem through device API. NFC and APP technology enable short-term data synchronization and temporary remote access via smartphone to the NFC equipped devices and from the smartphone to the IoT ecosystem.

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