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Retrofit Solutions

Valves and actuators are responsible for ensuring reliable functioning of HVAC systems all over the world. Damaged actuators or valves in a HVAC system used to create a large field issue. Replacing the valve along with the actuator is not always a sensible solution. Taking a system off-line to replace numerous valves is not only laborious, it’s expensive. Facilities can lose thousands of dollars a day during maintenance shut-down.

With Belimo retrofit solutions, these problems simply go away. Valves and actuators can be quickly and conveniently up fitted without any interruption in service.

Quickly and Conveniently Restores HVAC Systems

The features and benefits of retrofit solutions:

  • Effective retrofit solutions for valves and damper actuators
  • Quickly and easily, conveniently up fitted without any interruption in service
  • Cutting-edge technology offering quality and reliability for your entire system
  • Simple way to implement Belimo actuators in existing buildings whether electronic or pneumatic
  • Custom designs providing cost effective linkage solutions
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  • Documentation
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Product Range

Damper Actuators

Belimo HVAC damper actuators are designed for use in a wide variety of on/off, modulating or communicating damper and life safety applications. With a comprehensive torque range (18 in-lbs to 360 in-lbs),  and the ability to direct mount on standard damper shafts or jackshafts, these solutions are ideal for air handlers, economizer units, VAV terminal units, fan coil units, unit ventilators, and life safety dampers.

  • Quickly and conveniently restores applications without any interruption in service
  • Custom solutions are available with our in-house retrofit shop with lead times of 5 days or less
  • Simple way to implement Belimo actuators in existing buildings whether electronic or pneumatic

Fire and Smoke Damper Actuators

Belimo fire and smoke damper actuator replacement solutions have an extensive torque offering and are specifically designed for operation with fire, smoke and combination fire, and smoke dampers in ventilation and air-conditioning systems.  An integral part of the life safety system, Belimo fire and smoke actuators provide high performance, low power consumption, and are complaint with Life Safety Codes and Standards. 

  • Competitive motor replacement solutions are available for Siebe, Honeywell, Siemens, MultiProducts and many others
  • Installation Instructions for Retrofit Applications Instructions on many damper manufacturers’ replacement installations of fi re and smoke damper actuators
  • A checklist for code conformance testing is provided for each installation instruction

Control Valves and Replacement Actuators

The Belimo characterized control valves and replacement actuators incorporate quality and reliability. Engineered to suit a broad range of HVAC applications, the actuators are highly adaptable making selection, installation and service hassle-free.

  • Easy installation and field adjustability
  • Customized ordering, i.e. cable length, run times, etc.
  • Vast selection of actuators to suit a wide range of applications
  • Low power consumption provides higher efficiency and smaller transformer sizing

Butterfly Valves and Replacement Actuators

Butterfly retrofit solutions are designed to easily attach to the valve mounting pad of competitor valves utilizing Belimo actuators. Retrofit solutions help to restore service without removal of the valve, saving down time and money.

  • Full range of kits for 2-way and 3-way valve assemblies
  • Easy selection process, identify valve manufacture, series, size and select
  • Visual stroke indicators allow quick installation
  • Linkages can be mounted in any orientation except upside down
  • Lower power consumption during operation
  • NEMA 2 and NEMA 4 options are available

Globe Valves and Replacement Actuators

No two applications are exactly alike; new or old, they all vary in their demands. Whether it’s high pressure steam or difficult installations, Belimo globe valve actuators are designed to adapt to these challenges offering easy installation and field adjustability. Globe valve retrofit solutions are designed to easily attach to the valve bonnet and stem of competitor valves utilizing Belimo actuators. The replacement solution will help to restore service without removal of the valve, saving down time and money.

  • Universal linkages can retrofit most globe valves, regardless of make
  • Adaptive stroke of actuators utilizes full control signal for maximum resolution
  • Visual stroke indicators allow quick installation
  • Linkages can be mounted in any orientation except upside down
  • Travel ranges of up to 2” (50mm) of stroke
  • Steam rated for inlets up to 100 psi


Replacement sensors from Belimo offer superior reliability, easy installation, and seamless integration with major Building Automation Systems (BAS). We offer a complete line of field-level device solutions, including sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in pipe, duct, and outdoor applications. All of our products are backed by a 5-year warranty, world-class service and support.

  • Easy sizing and selection process with Belimo SelectPro
  • Multi sensors to minimized inventory
  • Accurate measurement over the building life time even with harsh conditions
  • Superior reliability, easy installation, and seamless integration with major Building Automation Systems (BAS)
  • Innovative tool-less housing design allows for quick installation, easy commissioning, and provides NEMA 4X/IP65 protection


The ZIP Economizer™ saves energy in buildings by using cool outside air as a means of cooling the indoor space. The ZIP can reduce HVAC energy costs in cold and temperate climates while also improving indoor air quality. As energy codes change towards continual efficiency, the ZIP Economizer satisfies all the requirements. ZIP Economizer, with its ‘plug and play’ modular design and patented ZIP Code setup, allows an easy way to ensure maximum energy savings and compliance with local energy codes.

  • ZIP Packs provide a packaged solution for easy selection and simple retrofi t of non-functioning energy wasting economizers. The packs are conveniently packed in one box and are ordered with one single part number backed with 5-year warranty
  • Gets systems back on track and meet the latest energy standards and building IAQ requirements
  • ZIP Code patented technology will automatically recognize your climate zone and will set the high limit change over temperature providing automatic compliance.
  • Plug and Play self-configuring; if it’s not plugged into the economizer, you won’t have to worry about setting it up
  • Integrated onboard test sequence that ensures effortless compliance with California Title 24 and verification of proper operation
  • Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) troubleshoot faults, initiates alarms, and reconfigures for best operation
  • Easy-to-read automotive grade LCD display delivers clear live status information, easy setup, changes, and operating history even in the brightest of days, and coldest of days
  • First and only economizer control that integrates onboard help for setup or troubleshooting

Technical Documentation

Installation Instructions

Product Flyers/Case Studies

Additional Links

Belimo Retrofit Linkages

Belimo globe valve actuators and retrofit linkages offer greater power and flexibility. Engineered to suit a broad range of HVAC applications, both the new generation actuators and retrofit linkages are highly adaptable making selection, installation, and long-term service worry-free. New force ranges from 112 lbf to 337 lbf and broader travel ranges from .6" (15 mm) to 2" (50 mm).


Adjustable Belimo FGVL Retrofit Linkage

Belimo's adjustable FGVL retrofit linkage fits on most 2½” to 6” globe valves offering quick and easy installation - conveniently up fitted without any interruption in service.

Belimo Jackshaft Linkage

The ZG-JSL linkage simplifies typical installations and eliminates the difficulties where jackshaft bearings are hard to access. The ZG-JSL linkage has a built-in shaft which allows the direct coupling of Belimo actuators. The anti-rotation plate enables the installed actuator to be rotated 90 degrees for space saving applications. By improving the method of installing actuators onto jackshafts, the installer saves on installation time translating into a cost savings.

Belimo University – Efficiency through Training

Belimo University offers comprehensive training programs that will assist you with understanding HVAC fundamentals and Belimo products; from sizing and selection to mounting and installation. Our training programs are available online or onsite.

Retrofit App – Quickly and Easily Find HVAC Replacement Solutions

The Belimo Retrofit App allows you to quickly and easily find HVAC replacement solutions for valves and actuators. Free download in both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

  • Store projects
  • Email selections
  • Access resources

SelectPro – Sizing & Selection Made Simple

SelectPro is a quick and simple tool for accurately sizing and selecting valves, actuators, and replacement solutions. The software walks you through step by step, providing the optimal product solution.

  • Intuitive selection layout
  • Reference documents
  • Quote generator
  • Media download
  • Contact profiles